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The Lady Who Turned revolves round three impressive women, the Lady magazine, and, in the background, the renowned Mrs T, the lady who was not for turning.

Central to the story is Sarah Rudd, who finds herself and her family caught in a crisis which forces her to reconsider every aspect of her life, as a police officer and as a wife. The decisions she makes take her in unexpected and exciting directions.

Annabelle and Esther, both on the staff of the Lady magazine, also find themselves caught in a crisis – the magazine is under threat, and, in resisting its takeover by hostile forces, each woman finds herself having to go to extraordinary lengths to fight for what she values.

The criminal underworld and City financiers battle it out for dominance, and the ending comes unexpectedly at the graveside of the first woman prime minister of Great Britain, when the lady is seen at last to turn…

Tony Drury is a corporate financier based in the City of London. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and a Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.

Tony has written extensively over the years and is particularly well known for his financial and political books. He blogs weekly for www.enterprisebritain.com – both in his own name and as his alter ego Mr Angry. He is chairman of Axiom Capital Limited, a London-based corporate finance house, chairman of Globe Capital, a business advisory company based in Hong Kong and a director of AIM-listed Alpha Records Group plc.

He is a member of The Romantic Novelists’ Association. His first novel Megan’s Game, which was published in the spring of 2012, is set to hit the silver screen. Accredited producer, Paul Tucker believes it will make a great feature film with international appeal! The screenplay is now written and principal photography is planned to commence early in 2014.

Tony is passionate about the economic value of small businesses. He has chaired a committee of City-based financial market practitioners which focussed on how to revitalise the SME sector. His paper was delivered in March 2013 to Greg Clarke MP at HM Treasury.

In October 2013 he became an Ambassador for HEART UK, which concentrates on the dangers of excess cholesterol.

‘The Lady Who Turned’ is his fifth novel.

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City Fiction, the publishers of Tony Drury’s City thrillers and the people behind ‘Megan’s Game: the film’ have launched a pitch on ‘Crowd for Angels’ to raise promotional funds for the expansion of its activities.

In particular the directors are keen to progress the making of a film based on Tony’s fourth book ‘A Flash of Lightning’.

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City Fiction, the publishers of Tony Drury’s City thrillers and the people behind ‘Megan’s Game: the film’ have launched a pitch on ‘Crowd for Angels’ to raise promotional funds for the expansion...

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