When Love Lies Bleeding

A killer flu pandemic exacerbated by a shortage of the only effective treatment has the West Coast of America in a panic. Journalist Joe Hames, flying in to save his job and cover the story has an ulterior motive: to make contact with his long-lost former girlfriend and love of his life, Cassie.

Joe tries to find Cassie, whilst also trying to get hold of information on why the death toll is higher in California than anywhere else before any of the other journalists that have descended on the city. At the pharmaceutical company where she worked, Joe finds out that Cassie is dead: she was run down by a cable car two weeks earlier. When he goes to her funeral, he is surprised to find that he has become a person of interest to the police.

Or did she die? Joe begins to suspect that all is not what it seems, and in the fog-drenched streets of San Francisco, Joe unravels the real story resulting in a finale played out at Fisherman’s Wharf. Someone was really going to die this time, and not of the flu.

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Candy Denman’s novella, ‘When Love Lies Bleeding’, rushes to fifteen Amazon reviews within three weeks of publishing.

P.S. Syron-Jones: Five stars: ‘A Gripping Tale’

This is a fantastically well-written novel. The characters draw you in and are likeable (where necessary of course). the plot grabs you like a pitbull and refuses to let go. As you read through, you feel that you are there with our hero. the descriptions are crisp to the point you think you can almost smell those restaurants or gutters. Candy has brought to life this short tale of woe. A mystery that is worthy of any bookshelf.

Avid Reader: Five stars: ‘Fiction? Or maybe not…’

I read the synopsis of this novella on the back page and was hooked. I had to read it straight away. It didn’t disappoint. I haven’t seen the film The Third Man (way before my time!) but the storyline was excellent, written in the first-person singular from the perspective of the “bad boy hero” Joe. Add in a flu pandemic, drugs and murder and this novella just simply flows. Will Joe find his long-lost love Cassie? Why are more people dying in San Francisco than anywhere else? Can the flu pandemic be stopped? Are drugs being sold on the black market? Joe and his policeman “friend” set about finding the answers in this must read – it couldn’t happen in real life – could it?????

LindyLouMac: Four stars: ‘Another success for Novella Nostalgia’

Read in one session, still not a big fan of novellas, but have to admit this one hit a raw nerve with all that is happening in the world at the moment!
Too short for me the storyline is however excellent, more so I felt because of the coincidental timing of publication. Though written in the first person by a woman, I feel that she has successfully got inside the head of the protagonist Joe. Written as a Novella based on a Classic Film I personally think this would have worked even better as a full length novel. There are though many fans of these quick reads, this one, number ten, is definitely another success for the series.

Tony is the author of five DCI Sarah Rudd City thrillers. In each, he draws upon his career as a London financier to expose the underworld of dark practices and shadowy characters. None, however, are able to withstand the bravery and incisive detection methods of one of the police force’s bravest officers. Her juggling of career demands, husband, children and her own demons, make riveting reading.

He has now written two more novels which trace the early career of probationary police constable Sarah Whitson. In ‘On Scene and Dealing’ she meets her future husband Nick. In ‘Journey to the Crown’ she has a devastating affair with Dr Martin Redding. The final chapter jumps ahead to sample her future life as a private detective.
Tony has created an innovative series as a novella writer. Reflecting iconic cinema classics, his first is ‘Lunch with Harry’, which is inspired by ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Others to follow include ‘Twelve Troubled Jurors’ (echoing ‘12 Angry Men’) and ‘Forever on Thursdays’ (capturing the drama of ‘Brief Encounter’).

He writes short-stories wherein the net proceeds go to HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity. He is an ambassador for the charity.

Aged seventy, Tony is a follower of the wisdom of Albert Einstein: “When a man stops learning, he starts dying.” He lives in Bedford with his wife Judy. They value every trip down the M1 to Watford to be with Grandson Henry.

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